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About Us

Do you want to know what CNC machine to buy.  Looking for information about the basics so that you can make a decision. Scan through this site so you can find what you need.

CNC Machine Industrial Dreams

The CNC machining industry isn’t anything new. Its been around for many years. I have seen documentaries and films on TV. Showing me these huge machines carving and routing large chunks of wood and metal. Huge lasers cutting sheet metal to exacting tolerances. It was so amazing to watch.

Hearing the engineers talk about how they have to be programmed and how the cutting tools are made at high expense and the amount of products that were being produced in a single run was very impressive. These machines were large format machines for large format prices. They were also very hard to operate. You had to have special training. Also  if  you were to visit one of  these factories or plants that a company owned and asked if you could have a go? The answer would probably be NO! Along with some brow beating for good measure.

These guys were making car, rocket and robotic components. They were literally at the cutting edge of industry with the ability to make almost anything, at their fingertips. All they needed to do was imagine, design and create.

I thought to myself, how good would it be to have one of those for myself. So often I dreamt of winning lots of money, “as you do”, I could buy a factory I could do all of that creating myself. Much later, well, a couple of decades later. How happy was I when I found out that actually owning my own one, was now a possibility.

Since finding out I have seen many adverts for this machine and that CNC machine and am now spoilt for choice.

Why I Wanted to Create CNC Machine Blog

I am a hobbyist. My mind is always thinking about little projects that I would like to do. From making jewellery to creating little widgets to help me around the house. A 5 axis router would be useful on the  project that I am involved in at the moment.

At first I saw some 3D printers advertised. That got me started on the idea of getting one but finding the information to help me choose was difficult.

Also When I found out that I could now afford to buy my own machine. I had to have one. So this set me upon a journey to find a CNC Machine(s), for myself. So which one do I need? Router, 3D Printer or Laser cutter.

I couldn’t find all the basic information I needed in one place so I thought that I would create a site for people like myself.

CNC Machine Information Blog for Begginners

So I have decided to fill this site with as much basic information. So that I can so that you can either learn the basics for entering into the industry. Buy your own machine.

I am to put everything that you need on this site. If not please contact me and I will try to put the information on site as soon as I can.

So click through my site and stay tuned for more updates.


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