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Fusion 360 Software

Fusion 360 Software CAD/ CAM Hobbyists Dream

Fusion 360 Software Thang

Autodesk Fusion 360 Software is the hobbyists dream. There is a list of software that you can choose from below. However, as a hobbyist myself I have found that some of these below are a little out of my price bracket.

So I started trawling the internet for one that I could use as a Hobbyist. Not only have I found the perfect one for me, it is also free for hobbyists.

Alibre Design
Dolphin CAD/CAM


CAD/CAM Software

In order to start making things with your CNC machine you will need to get some software.

CAD Software

You can create your drawings using this software and also the Fusion 360 software will allow you to easily create the drawings that you will need for your project. Once you have used this software to create you design you will need CAM Software.

CAM Software

So CAM software enables you to turn your drawings into machine language G-CODE and G-Code is the language that your CNC machine understands. Each line of G-code gives the CNC machine instructions. I have put a layman’s version of G-Code below.

G-Code representation.

  1. move along the Y –axis 3 cm
  2. lower the cutting tool 1 cm
  3. Move the tool 4cm along the X- Axis

The Fusion 360 software has both CAD and CAM that you can use for free as a hobbyist. Click here to go to the website. You can download this software as a free trial and once this is done you can resister for free use.

This will allow you to try as long as you like until you need more functionality and choose to buy.

In another Blog I will go into more detail and show a worked example from end to end. I will keep you updated with my journey so that you can obtain the information that you need to do it yourself.

Don’t miss my blog about controller software Mach3.

Fusion 360 Software
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Fusion 360 Software
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