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Mach3 CNC Control Software

Mach3 CNC Control Software.

Mach3 CNC Control Software - Your turn

Time to become you own little Iron person.

Mach 3 CNC Control Software is the software tool that hobbyists can use for free. If you are just starting out and want to get a feel of end to end creation, pre production, this is one of the software tools that it is free to practise on. I am trying to get permission to use Mach3 media on my site but haven’t been able to get anything that I can use. I will update this bolg as soon as I get some. So I apologise for not having any.

Use it for Free

In the previous blog I talked about Fusion 360 software. I said that before you buy any machine you can use Fusion 360 to design and then create G-Code. Well after you have created the G-Code you can use Mach3 to simulate running an actual project.

Mach 3 CNC control software is free to use up until you want to connect it to an actual machine. It gives you the opportunity to simulate creating a project. So using Fusion 360 and Mach3 you can practise part of the end to end process again and again until you buy your own machine.

How you can use this Software

This is how it works. Firstly think of an idea of something anything that you want to make. Design it in Fusion 360. In the same program set up the pre production setting up the type of tool you will be using and simulating in real time how the tool will cut the stock that you would have been using. Choose the CNC machine in Fusion 360 and then generate the G-Code fo rthe project.

After you have generated the G-Code in fusion 360 you can save it to file. Then load this file into Mach3. Set it up as if you were running a real machine by inputing feed rates and all of the machine parameters. and run. You can practise as much as you want.

End to End Walkthrough Coming Up

I will be using this until I decide upon which machine that I am going to use. In a later Blog I am going to walk through a project from end to end using both of these programs and the machine that I decide upon. i will document everything. If I have the opportunity I will video it also. This has now brought the possibility of actually being able to run a project closer. The dream of completing my own project is becoming a reality.

Check out my other Blogs coming up.

Mach3 CNC Coftware
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