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Types of CNC machine


Types of CNC Machine

Types of CNC Machine. Do you want to know how many types of CNC machines there are? Get Free Information about CNC Machines.

There are 2 main types of CNC Machine.

  1. Machines that take material away (Subtractive Manufacturing)
  2. Machines that add material (Additive Manufacturing)

Below I have listed these machines under their headings

Subtractive Manufacturing Machines


Types of CNC Machine Router

This tool is used to channel the material being used. This could be wood, metal plastic and many other materials. This is best used if you want to engrave patterns pictures etc into the material.


Milling Machine

Types of CNC Machine Milling Machine

Milling is the process by which surface material is removed by rotary cutters. This is done by advancing (or Feeding) the workpiece at an angle to the cutting tool. Please see an example of a milling machine below. Other milling machines may have slightly different configurations but the working parts will be more or less the same.

Plasma Cutter

Types of CNC Machine Plasma Cutter

a plasma cutter is a type of torch that is used a a tool to cutter metal or wood. These work by sending a electrical arc through a gas. The gas gets so hot that it enters into what is called the 4th state of matter (Plasma).  A jet of plasma will come out of the outlet or nozzle which is held close to the material. The material is then cut using this jet of plasma.

Laser Cutter

Types of CNC Machine Laser Cutter


the Laser operates a little like the plasma cutter. Instead of an electrical arc being put through a gas a laser beam is put through the laser gas which creates a high temperature beam. This is used to cut through the material. Laser beams create a cleaner cut and can be used with plastic as well as wood and metal.

Additive Manufacturing Machines

3D Printers

Types of CNC Machine 3D Printer

These will use a tool that ether melts plastic and then redistributes the plastic on a surface within the machine. It used information from the computer program to build objects. They are built bottom up slice by slice. However some 3D printers these days can also use a ultraviolet hardened resin to build from the top down. I will go into more detail in later blogs.

Pick and Place

Types pf CNC Machine pick and place

Pick and place machines are exactly what they say. They pick up objects and place objects in desired locations. The tool will have a few nozzles that pick up and distribute items with the machine surface area. Mobile phones and computer motherboards are usually built using this type of machine.

I have only given you a short description of what they do and how they work. I will get into more detail in later blogs.

So come back and look at the rest of our material

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Types of CNC Machine
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